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Category: Broker’s Fees

Brokers Agreements: The ins and the outs

March 14th, 2012 — 9:59am

First things first.  When selling real estate (be it an apartment house, office building, townhouse or a co-operative or condominium apartment) Sellers should enter into a written agreement with their Broker setting forth their understanding.  The agreement should be fair and reasonable for BOTH sides.  Selling real estate is a collaborative effort and the agreement between the Sellers and their Broker should keep both sides eager to work together and ensure that neither feels they have been or will be treated unfairly. Continue reading »

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Are they worth it?

December 13th, 2010 — 4:35pm

Broker’s Fees: Every seller would like to pay as little commission as possible.  Brokers share commissions so that on a 6% deal, each brokerage company only receives 3% and the individual brokers get about one-half of the commissions paid to the company.  If you are successful in cutting the commission down to 5 or even 4%, you run the risk of buyer’s brokers not wanting to show your apartment (or trying to get their buyer interested in another unit) since they will be making less.

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