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Pick a Broker

Meet with a few brokers- I know it can be painful but it will be worth it in once you find a broker that “gets you” and will not waste your time.  Pick a professional and not your best friend’s sister who just started in the business.  Buyers often believe that they will be able to negotiate a better purchase price if they don’t use a broker.  While that may be the case in some situations it is not the norm.  The norm is for the seller to pay his broker a flat percentage.  Once in a while, that percentage is decreased by a point or so if the buyer’s broker is from the same brokerage company or if there is no buyer’s broker at all.  In any event, it is all set up at the start of the relationship between the seller and broker.  If you have a broker that broker will split the fee with the seller’s broker.  The buyer’s broker helps with the negotiations, offers knowledge and advice by way of comparable prices and apartments and assists with the dreaded “Board Package”

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