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Consider Freshening Up Your Apartment

Consider Freshening Up Your Apartment: It might be a good idea to hire one of “apartment stylists” to freshen up the place.  You probably want them to keep all of your existing furniture (rather than an official staging with rented furniture) but a stylist with a great eye can sometimes move your existing stuff around to make the place look bigger and more appealing.

De-Clutterize: Like many New Yorkers, I live with a fair amount of clutter in my apartment.  A box here, a yet to be hung painting leaning against the wall, a harmless pile of newspapers on the desktop, etc.  After a while, I don’t  even  notice these things.  Buyers may not either but they give the appearance of the place being a mess and smaller than it is.  Get rid of your excess stuff by giving it away to a charity or piling it into one of the many storage lockers around town.  It will help the sale and make the eventual move easier and cheaper.

Let the Sunshine In: This one is simple.  Clean the windows.  Professionally.  You will be amazed how much brighter and cleaner everything looks.

Smell the Place Up: The morning of the open house, bake something.  I am talking cloves rather than garlic.  It will give your apartment that homey touch and provide a sensory memory.

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