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Don’t Get Soaked!   Over the years several clients have called to complain about being overcharged for water.  More often than not the cause was a leak and while the Department of Environmental Protection (the “DEP”) was usually accommodating, the uphill battle (trying to fight an excessive water bill) through the bureaucracy was exhausting and often not worth the fight.

One of the biggest problems was that the water meter bills came out once every three months so that if you were the victim of a water leak you might not even have been aware of the problem for close to THREE MONTHS.

This month the DEP launched the Leak Notification Program designed to help prevent such situations.

Under the program, which is available to owners of one, two or three family homes with automatic meter reading devices, owners will receive an email notification when there is a spike in their water usage.  This way a water leak can be addressed IMMEDIATELY rather than at the end of the quarter when water bills come out. The alerts come out every 4 hours and in some cases hourly!

While not every spike is the result of a leak, at least now owners can have a chance to report and stop a leak before the water bill gets out of hand.

This program not only can save money but even more importantly can help preserve our water supply from needless waste.

Right now over 600,000 wireless water meters are in use.  These allow water users to track their water usage online.  About 7-9,000 are being added to the network each week and the DEP estimates that by January 2012 every water meter in the City will be on line. Owners can register on line for the Leak Notification Program by clicking here.

I applaud The Mayor and the DEP for implementing this.

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