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Get it in Writing- A Lesson to be Learned

Last week, after 70 years of serving Manhattan’s midtown crowd, the New York institution known as The Primeburger closed.

It was known as much for its 1950’s high school swing out seats as for its delicious burgers.  When they announced the closing saddened crowds of long time faithful customers gathered to eat their last meal.  I was one of them.

 Jerry gets primed for his last Prime Burger

I’ve been eating at The Primeburger for over 20 years and will miss the tomato soup and prime burger combo that was so popular.  But, as sad as I am to see this virtual landmark close, the real estate lawyer in me was curious as to what really happened, since I knew that the owners of the restaurant also owned the building.  The word on the street is that they sold the building with an ORAL promise to let them stay and run The Primeburger.  However, right before the closing, set for later this month, the almost new owners advised that they had other plans for the building and that The Primebuger, cool seats and all, had to get out of Dodge.   The lesson to be learned is basic yet as in this instance, often overlooked.  GET IT IN WRITING.

A writing is a writing is a writing. 

Here’s a great little short film about The Primeburger that is no more.  Sad.

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